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The Doctor Who Board Game

Which team are you on?

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This community idea is lovingly ganked from hd_boardgame.
Big thanks to faynia for the icon.

Greetings, travelers!

If you’ve ever wanted a game based off the show Doctor Who with all of the cheese but none of the mess, this is the place for you. Old Who fans and young Who fans alike can mingle over a good drabble fest because all the doctors are accounted for, not just the last two. This isn’t to say we don’t like Nine and Ten, we just happen to like One through Eight as well. Note: Jack Harkness is fine and Torchwood as an entity, but not so much Torchwood the show. This may change later on depending on what people say.

Now, as with all games, this is supposed to be fun. So no annoyances or drama or Ten will attack with his multi-purpose sonic screwdriver. If you are highly against:

Writing drabbles
Drawing weird pictures
Board games

This may not be the community for you. If you are under 17, you may not want to join this community either, as there may be stories with adult themes. This is your warning to turn back now. Any and all flames will be used to roast marshmallows which we will then consume happily.

Aside from that, toddle around, get some ideas, join the game, and above all: enjoy yourself.

The Game

Each board runs for a week. It ends at midnight, 00:00 (EST) on Friday and begins on midnight, 00:00 (EST) Saturday. Game cycles last for a month. By the end of the month, points will be tallied and the winners announced. By the time the next board is posted, the squares will be moved around and it will be like playing on a whole new board.

There are 4 teams to choose from when playing. Beginning a week before the new game, signups will be held for people to declare their loyalty to a team. If, by the end of a game cycle, you no longer wish to be a part of the team, you can change it, but not before. By the same token, if you have real life commitments, you can decide to sit out a week (or two or three). You just can't switch teams. If you're a late comer to the game, sign up in the thread first with your username and team before posting in the game board.

To play, you add comments to the post with the current board game. Your first post should include the math you use to attain your first number, which direction you’re going (clockwise/counterclockwise), what square you land on, and then (if it’s a drabble/doodle/limerick/rec square) your drabble/doodle/limerick/rec. After your first post, merely state what square you land on and your drabble/doodle/limerick. Make sure every move you make is a new comment, not just a reply to a pre-existing comment! If your brain just exploded, don’t panic! All of this will be explained in more depth below.


No dice are in play (harder to tell if you cheat that way), so we use basic math instead. You take whatever day it is where you are and add the number of characters in your name to the date. If it adds up to 10 and over, you add those two numbers until you get a single number. For example:

Date: 2/18/07 Name: windout
18 + 7= 25
2 + 5= 7

My number is 7. I would keep that number throughout the duration of the current (week-long) game.

When you start off, you can go clockwise or counter clockwise, however, make sure you remember which way you chose to go—it will be important later. Once you’re off and running, you follow what the numbers in the square say. +1, move one space forward, +2, two spaces, etc.

You cannot be going in one direction and then decide you would like to turn around. You have to keep going (counter)clockwise until you reach one of the turnabout, cul-de-sac type protrusions. They are there for you to turn around in.

There is no limit to the number of cycles around the board you can make. You can keep going as long as your heart desires before the game ends.

Say you land on a square that you just are not up for. You land on a fluff drabble square and for whatever reason you cannot write a fluffy drabble. You can skip that square and proceed to the next one. However, you only have THREE skips a week. The only way you can get more is through the Time Vortex. If you use all of your skips and land on fluffy drabble again and you refuse, you are out of the game for the rest of the day. The next time you join the game, you will still have 0 skips until next week’s game or you win one through the Time Vortex.


Drabbles cannot exceed 200 words. They really wouldn’t be drabbles if they were much longer, right? We encourage slash, femme slash, het, bizarre situations, bananas, and above all, CREATIVITY. But if you find you need a bit of inspiration, you won’t be in it alone; you’ll have a box of words at your disposal. These words will be changed weekly.

These prompts are not mandatory, but within the box of words will be 5 trigger words that, when used in a drabble, limerick, doodle or a rec, will earn your team 10 extra points. These will be in bold.


Points are earned in different ways besides the 5 trigger words that shall be outlined in the section. Basically, they’re slightly more important than the ones on Whose Line Is it Anyway?, but not overly so. The team scores will be updated on the community page every week.

Special squares

Points are earned by landing on special squares. You land on one, you collect your points and continue moving. Here are the points:

TARDIS = 50 points
Sonic screwdriver = 25 points
Bag of jelly babies = 10


Points are also earned by completing challenges. Challenges are ways to enhance the gaming experience and make things a bit more fun, i.e. more difficult than just waltzing around the board and writing drabbles. Challenges are NOT mandatory.

Each week, a new set of challenges will be posted and whenever you complete one, you get points for your team. They will be along the line of “Write 20 fluff drabbles” before the week is done or “Write 10 Seventh Doctor drabbles,” etc. The more difficult the challenge, the more points you receive.

Doctor of the Week

Because Doctor Who is such a big fandom and it’s nice when all sorts of Doctors are represented, here is incentive to write more of the old school Doctors. Every week, there will be a new DOTW. Every time you feature (feature, not just mention in passing) the DOTW in a drabble/doodle/limerick/rec, you get 10 points for your team. He can be with companions, on his own, having sex, whatever you fancy. Now, this doesn’t mean you can’t write that other Doctor who’s nagging at you, you just won’t get points for that work (unless he happens to meet the DOTW, which has happened before).


Now, it’s not fun if you’re just out for yourself. That’s why you've signed up for one of four teams: Cybermen, Daleks, Humans, and Time Lords. A person wins points for their team so that their team can win (there’s a prize), but the highest scoring person (regardless of team) of the game cycle also gets a nifty prize. When you post for the first time in a game, please make sure you state what team you are playing for. This team does not change until the next game cycle.

Final words of caution—if you cheat, I will know. I can read comments as well as the next person.

In your journey around the board, you will encounter different sorts of squares. They’re broken down here for your convenience:

Start: Where the board begins, naturally.

Angst Drabble: Write an angsty story < 200 words.

Crack Drabble: Write a cracky story < 200 words.

Fluff Drabble: Write a fluffy story < 200 words

GenDrabble: Write a general story < 200 words

Smut Drabble: Write a smutty story < 200 words

Limerick: A short poem having to do with some aspect of Doctor Who. Check here for the rhyme scheme and rhythm.

Rec: Recommend anything from the Doctor who fandom from fanfic, to fanart, to fanvids, so long as there’s a link to what you’re reccing. A link is very helpful indeed.

Doodle: Draw whatever your little heart desires. No talent? No problem! Stick figures are people too. It doesn’t have to be some elaborate piece of art for a museum, it’s just for fun, folks. Use anything at your command from MS Paint to oekaki to Photoshop to PSP.

Your choice: Choose whatever you’d like to do to contribute to the fandom. It can be a doodle, a drabble of any kind or a limerick.

The last square you will encounter is the Time Vortex: The Vortex has its own set of rules; think of it as a sort of Wheel of Fortune. You can ignore what you land on, but it will be taken out of your skips for the week.

The Time Vortex

Start on the box with the arrow. Remember the number you started with? The one that is the sum of the characters in your name and the date? That is how you move around the vortex. Remember which direction you moved at the beginning of the week? That is the direction from the arrow that you go. If your number was 2 and you moved clockwise, the box with the arrow would be one, you would land on Lose half of points. The next time you landed on a vortex, one would be +2 skips, and you would land on +20 points, understand? In the Vortex, it is VERY important that you keep track of your personal points.

The spaces in the vortex are as such:

+x points – Win x number of points depending on the square for yourself and your team.

Lose half of points – Lose half of your personal points, not your team’s points (though what you lose will be deducted from your team’s points)

+ x skips – Win x number of skips for yourself depending on the square

Return to start – Go back to the starting square

Lose all points – Lose all of your personal points (those points will be subtracted from your team’s overall total)

Double score – Double your personal score (those personal points will be added to your team’s score)

*Tips for surviving the Vortex* Make sure you remember your number, what direction you first started out in and remember your personal score.

Because you are all playing for very distinctive and special teams, it’s only fair that you all get special powers commemorating the fact that you are a Cyberman, Dalek, Human or Time Lord. Therefore, the Doctor Who Board Game offers you such an opportunity. It’s like body checking in hockey, but cooler. Each teams gets 3 distinctive powers—one for attacking, one for defense, and one “other”. However, being a creature of finite abilities, there are limits to your power. You can only attack three times, defend yourself three times, and use the “other” power once. Once you’ve used up your powers, they are gone and do not come back until the next week. They are also not cumulative--if you don't use them that week, you lose them forever.

Whoever is invoking a power must state clearly who/what they are attacking/defending/targeting from in their post.


Delete (Attack): Your hand is mighty, you can use it to touch other creatures and kill them instantaneously. Cool right?
Multiply (Defense): Since there are just so many Cybermen, there is no chance whatever’s attacking you can kill you all. You escape unscathed.
Upgrade (Other): You can corrupt a player to the side of the Cybermen for one week. All their points will be donated to the Cybermen for the duration of that week. Next week, the player will revert to their old team and cannot be upgraded again for another game cycle (but their points from that week will still be yours).


ExTERminate! (Attack): Using your death ray, you can kill anything in your path and you’re proud of it.
Armour (Defense): Your metal exterior is cold, but it’s strong enough to withstand an awful lot of damage.
Elevate (Other): Daleks have not only mastered stairs, they can practically fly. Using Elevate, you can move to any space on the board and treat it like a normal turn. Just make sure you say which square you are landing on clearly in your post.


Ray gun (Attack): Ever since The Christmas Invasion, aliens know Earth is a force to be reckoned with, if only because of its massive ray gun of doom.
Run away (Defense): If there’s one thing humans do well, it’s run away.
Torchwood (Other): Thanks to Torchwood's intense investigation of alien technology, they have learned to mimic quite a lot of it. Invoking Torchwood gives the human player the option of mimicking another team's other power, be it Upgrade, Elevate or the Vortex.

Time Lords

Sonic screwdriver (Attack): Teeeechnically, the sonic screwdriver isn’t a weapon, but it can be used in ingenious ways to act as a sort of weapon. If it can be used to break rope, it can do anything. -.-
TARDIS (Defense): Time Lords, when in trouble, can hop in their spaceships and fly away to escape danger.
The Vortex (Other): The special Time Lord power is a free play on the Time Vortex. The only thing is that skips do not apply when utilizing “The Vortex.” The player must start on the wheel wherever they left off last and whatever they land on MUST happen. Even if they land on Lose All Points.

So, that being said, do you still think you're up to the challenge? Do you share a love of the Doctor in any/all of his incarnations? Do you enjoy board games? If you answered yes to all of the above, feel free to toddle on in and sign up today.