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The Doctor Who Board Game
Which team are you on?
Doctor Who Board Game 4 Dummies 
18th-Feb-2007 11:04 pm
(lom) squirrel love
This is a refresher for people who read the rules in the profile, but want to remember the details without the sifting. It's highly suggested you read the rules on the profile before referring to these.

Sign up for your team (Cybermen, Daleks, Humans, Time Lords) before playing.

First moves are made by adding the date with the number of characters in your name and adding the subsequent digits in that number until you have a single digit number.

You can move either clockwise or counter clockwise, but you can’t change the direction once you’ve picked it for the week.

To turn around on the board, use the cul-de-sacs, don't spontaneously change direction.

Your move must be a new comment, not buried in a thread.

You get 3 skips a week, if you go over, you’re out of the game for the day.

Drabbles can’t go over 200 words.

Stickmen and MS Paint are groovy.

Challenges are NOT mandatory, but encouraged.

Time Vortex is contingent on your number and what direction you chose at the beginning of the week.

Powers are not cumulative and tailored to each team. There’s a maximum of 3 attacks, 3 defenses and 1 other a week.


10 points
Using a trigger word in a story
Featuring the Doctor of the Week
Landing on +10 in the Time Vortex
Landing on

Landing on +20 in the Time Vortex
Using 2 trigger words in a story
Landing on (25 points)

Using all 5 trigger words in a story
Landing on


Delete (Attack)
Multiply (Defense)
Upgrade (Other): Corrupt a player to the side of the Cybermen for one week.

ExTERminate! (Attack)
Armour (Defense)
Elevate (Other): Move to any space on the board and treat it like a normal turn.

Ray gun (Attack)
Run away (Defense)
Torchwood (Other): Mimick another team’s “Other” power.

Time Lords
Sonic screwdriver (Attack)
TARDIS (Defense)
The Vortex (Other): Free play on the Time Vortex.
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